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Prank Scare Your Friends Game

Better, smarter and more good looking than any other prank app out there.
Try a new scary experience - HD pictures, vibration feedback and loud screams ;)
Scare your friends with the coolest prank app out there.
Awarded with "5 stars Reviewers' choice!" on FileDir




Trivia Quiz - HD Backgrounds

Enter a world of knowledge and enjoy the beautiful HD backgrounds while playing.
With its unique features and options Trivia Quiz HD is aimed to fill in the needs for both beginner and expert trivia quiz players.
Carefully edited questions will immerse the user in a world of knowledge varying from the ancient Greek mythology to the greatest musicians of all times.
Other categories include History, Literature, Mythology, Science, People, Art, Religion, Geography, General Knowledge, Music, Computers and Technology, Movies and Sports.
Optimized HD quality themes make the game look sleek on any size display, even large tablet screens.


  • - Stunning quality HD Themes.
  • Leaderboard with both offline and online score support.
  • Question Timer.
  • 3 Lives. You can only make three mistakes.
  • 4 Help Options: "Hint", "Public", "50-50" and "Switch".
  • 3 Rounds with a custom number of questions/round.
  • 5 Difficulty Levels: "Easy", "Medium", "Hard", "Random" and "Progressive Rounds".
  • 4 Game play Modes: "Time Trial", "Survivor", "Inquisitive" and "Hardcore".

4 Game play Modes.

  • "Time Trial". This mode has the question "Timer" ON and the "Lives" OFF. This mode is suitable for a challenging game play with no time for Google :)
  • "Survivor". This mode has the "Timer" OFF but the "Lives" ON. Suitable for a relaxed play style but tight margin for error.
  • "Inquisitive". This mode is the easiest one by having no timer, no lives but also no score. The user can use this mode for learning and relaxed play.
  • "Hardcore". This mode has both the "Timer" and the "Lives" activated. It's the hardest mode that will stress the user with limited time and little room for mistakes.


Trivia Quiz feature